Stress Release/ Meditation

Is stress taking a toll on your well-being?
Are you experiencing health challenges due to chronic stress?
Are your sleep patterns interrupted because you feel stressed?
Are you experiencing a lack of energy?

High chronic or sustained stress creates major problems for us as individuals and for society. Lets face it we live in times where there are numerous demands on us: relationships, work, financial obligations, families and other demands. Everything coming in from our environment impacts us. All day long we take in stimulus through our five senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The mind tries to process all the data it absorbs. We are impacted physically and emotionally by everything we are taking in and we impact the environment by everything we are putting out. With the mind working so hard to process all the stimulus, it is like a congested freeway and is just plain overloaded most of the time. This creates conscious and unconscious stress. Although we need a certain amount of stress so we can accomplish our goals, the level of stress has reached an all time high.

We react to stress with the old primitive brain: the fight or flight response. if we perceive a threat to our sense of self and/or our safety, the stress response is activated. So what happens to our body during the fight/flight response:

• Blood pressure increases
• Blood sugar increases
• Stress hormones are released in the body(adrenaline, cortisol)
• Decrease in circulation
• Immune system is suppressed
• Breath and heart rate increases

What can we do to manage the stressors in our lives? How can we better manage the hard-wired conditioned fight/flight response so that we can reduce the negative impact on out bodies, minds and emotions? How can we relax the mind and allow it to rest as we do with our body when we are tired? What are the benefits to clearing the freeway of the mind?

Physical benefits include, but are not limited to:
• lower blood pressure
• breath rate and heart rate slow
• blood platelets become less sticky and blood flows more easily throughout the body.
• Stress hormones decrease
• Our immune system strengthens.

Psychological and emotional benefits:
• Anxiety releases
• The experience of calm and peace are felt throughout the mind
• Stress seems to wash away
• Painful emotions begin to ease

A daily practice of relaxing the mind begins to recode the mind with a more peaceful neuro-pathway. We become more at ease and less reactive. The restful experience continues to benefit our bodies and emotions even after we resume our activities.

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