Tina truly listened and helped me see things from ‘others’ points of view in a neutral way, always giving me ideas to make a difference. Complaining gets you nowhere. She’s helped me know things that I have to change, and that ultimately, things can only be done through love. I really appreciated the tools she gave me.
— Kandi P.
I’ve worked with Tina for several years now, and will continue to use her as a resource to strengthen and align my life. Tina has guided me through my spiritual journey more than I can possibly say, and I could not recommend her more as a mentor and leader.
— Chrissy T.
Immediately her calm, nurturing voice made me feel like I had a made the right decision. She quickly understood my struggles and even though we all know working on ourselves is hard work, her knowledge, compassion, exercises, and commitment to her work has helped me to not only make the changes I was looking to do, but understand the choices I make in everyday life.
— Lisa M.

Tina’s advertisement to ‘Release Negative Emotions’ and ‘Heal Wounds from the Past’ caught my attention in a local publication. Although I had sought the help of professional therapists in the past I still harbored negative emotions and deep wounds from the past. Tina is a gifted therapist! Her approach to healing brought remarkable results and my outlook is more positive than ever before.
— S. Walsh