Life Counseling

I want to help you claim and live the life you desire. Shift self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep you from living the life you want. How might you affirm your life rather than condemn it?


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings can help clarify emotional challenges you may be experiencing. It can help you clarify the barriers that block you from love and help you open to life’s gifts. As I read your energetic wiring, it assists you in understanding how and why you use your energy in life and how to maximize your energy to benefit you. I provide you with insight into your life and your relationships. A reading opens avenues to understanding and can be a profound healing which soothes the heart and calms the mind.



High chronic or sustained stress creates major problems for us as individuals and as a society. Let's face it-- we live in times where there are numerous demands on us: relationships, work, and families. I have thirty years of experience in healing, counseling, and meditative services. Let me help.



I offer a variety of personal growth workshops. Contact me for more information.